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  FBI CJIS Security requirements and the encryption of Law Enforcement networks and data.

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  TRI PRO SEC  Penetration Testing

  Penetration Testing is the most common tool used by Hackers:

Studies have shown that the most common tool used by hackers in the enumeration of your network and computing resources is penetration testing. Hackers will utilize various tools in their arsenal to attempt to enumerate your network or computing resources.

Once your resources are enumerated a hacker then turns his efforts to exploitation of any vulnerabilities found in an attempt to gain access to your high value assets utilizing vulnerable systems as an attack vector for futher enumeration deeper inside your network.

Tri Pro Sec is highly trained in many "Black Hat" techniques utilized by hackers. Our testing methods utilize the very tools that a hacker will use to gain access to your network and computer systems. With this knowledge, we are able to provide countermeasures to thwart unauthorized access.

Upon completion of our "Pen Test" we will provide a comprehensive report indicating any potential vulnerabilities and solutions to secure these vulnerabilities.

Although Tri Pro Sec will take every precaution to prevent an interruption of service or damage to computer systems or networks, the tools utilized by us to test your resources could cause brief denial of services and even less likely damage to data systems. We will take every precaution to insure the integrity of your networks and data systems. It should be mentioned that should a hacker target you, he could cause similar disruptions or destruction of your high value assets. We find that it is imperative to find these vulnerabilities and provide countermeasures before they occurre.

Prior to conducting a Penatration Test Tri Pro Sec will require a written waiver releasing us from any liability for damage or loss of use of any network or computer system.

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