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  FBI CJIS Security requirements and the encryption of Law Enforcement networks and data.

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  Recent news articles indicate enumeration of government networks:

Recently, evidence has indicated that there is widespread enumeration of Local, State and Federal Government websites in an attempt by foreign hackers to gain access to these targets.

Enumeration is the first step in the process of exploitation of security flaws inherant in Government Networks and Computer assets.

Foreign hackers have been able to gain access to numerous governement networks, computer systems and data as a result of improperly secured networks. These hackers are aware of and attempt to exploit government networks and computer systems that are maintained by understaffed, underpaid and undertrained network and systems administrators.

The rush for government to provide data to the public via the Internet only exacerbates and already critical security problem.

For more Information read these recent news articles.

  Article: US: Hackers in Iran responsible for cyberattacks

  Article: 'Proof' Links Flame, Stuxnet Super Cyber Weapons: Researchers

  Article: Law enforcement websites under attack by hackers

  Article: U.S. probes cyber attack on water system

  Article: American Drones Are Infected with a Computer Virus

  Article: New Cyber Attack on Arizona Police

  Article: Chinese hackers infiltrated five energy firms

  Article: Cyberthieves still rely on human foot soldiers

  Article: Internet traffic was routed via Chinese servers, U.S. military sites included

  Article: Stuxnet malware is 'weapon' out to destroy?

  Article: FBI Investigating ATT Ipad security Breach

  Article: FBI Warns Brewing Cyberwar May Have Same Impact as 'Well-Placed Bomb'

  Article: Cyberwar declared as China hunts for the West’s intelligence secrets

  Article: Authorities bust 3 in infection of 13M computers

  Article: 75,000 computer systems hacked in cyber attacks

  Article: 'Time Bomb’ May Have Destroyed 800 Norfolk City PCs

  Article: Hacking for Fun and Profit in China’s Underworld

  Article: Power plants, other infrastructure face hackers

  Article: Internet 'biggest threat' to the US

  Video: Security Essentials, Social Engineering

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  Video: CNN reports, China Hacks the Pentagon?

  Video: China Hackers.

  Article: N. Korea Attempting to Hack U.S. Networks.

  Article: Computer Virus Strikes FBI, U.S. Marshals Service.

  Article: White House cyber security review goes to Obama.

  Article: Pentagon spends $100 million to fix cyber attacks.

  Article: Vast Spy System Loots computers in 103 countries.

  Article: Worm Infects Millions.

  Article: China's Cyber Militia.

  Article: Hacking the Hill.

  Article: Thieves Winning Online War, Maybe Even in Your Computer.

  Article: Cyber-attack on Defense Department computers raises concerns.

  Article: World Bank Removes CIO Following Cyber Attacks.

  Article: World Bank Under Cyber Siege in 'Unprecedented Crisis'.

  Article: Pentagon Hit by Unprecedented Cyber Attack.

  Article: Children are appealing targets for ID theft; parents can guard.

  Article: Citibank ATM breach reveals PIN security problems.

  Article: Walter Reed says patient data may be compromised.

  Article: 38 charged in international phishing scheme.

  Article: FBI Fears Chinese Hackers Back Door Into US Gov't & Military.

  Article: India, Belgium added to the list worried about attacks from China.

  Article: CNN attacked by China

  Article: Zombie Computers Decried As Imminent National Threat

  Article: Industry Control Systems Killed Once and Will Again, Experts Warn

  Article: US Cyberwarfare Prep Includes Offense

  Article: Auditors: IRS computers may be vulnerable to attack

  Article: China Hackers dig for Gov't Secrets

  Article: China Hackers target US Commerce Dept.

  Article: China Hackers target US Gov't.

  Article: Concerning Hackers Who Break into Computer Systems

  Article: Hackers can now destroy hardware.

  Article: Hackers steal user ID's from Gov't.

  Article: Hackers used E-Mail to access Gov't computers.

  Article: Top US Gov't research labs infiltrated by hackers.

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