TRI PRO SEC will provide employee profiles updates.

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  FBI CJIS Security requirements and the encryption of Law Enforcement networks and data.

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  Website Hosting, Security and Design with specialization in Law Enforcement Agencies, Conferences and Projects.

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  Specializing in Law Enforcement Network Security and Websites:

TRI PRO SEC was started as a result of an obvious need for Law Enforcement to properly secure their classified information systems. For years, Law Enforcement Agencies have had to place their trust in civilian vendors many of which fail to properly understand the security needs of the Law Enforcement community.

These same civilian vendors possess limited knowledge of FBI Criminal Justice Information Systems data and the security of same.

TRI PRO SEC leverages its nearly 30 years of Law Enforcement experience and intimate knowledge of industry "Best Practices" to create a fully compliant network architecture which meets or exceeds FBI data security standards.

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